Managing Location Services in iOS7

Your Location, Your Business

You may not care about Location Services, and that's fine. Apps (especially ad-based free apps) use Location Services to figure out where you are so that they can advertise specifically to you. Some people aren't comfortable with this. If that's you, here's how to turn Location Services completely off, or to deny specific apps permission to use your location.

You'll Find it in the Settings

Open the Settings menu by tapping its icon, which looks like this:

Once in the Settings menu, select Privacy, then Location Services.

Privacy>Location Services

On a sidenote, I really like the overall look and feel of iOS7.

Here you can adjust which Apps have access to your location. You can turn Location Services off altogether, but be aware that this will effectively take away your device's ability to give you turn-by-turn directions in your favorite GPS App. For me, this is not a big deal since my iPad is Wifi-only, but if you regularly use your iOS device for navigation, consider turning off Location Services for every app except for the GPS app of your choice.

Location Services

Here is a screenshot of my own Location Services settings. I never use most of the apps in which it's enabled.

As you can see from my screenshot, I have turned off the location services for lots of apps like Facebook, Coast, and Google Earth. The way I use those apps, they really don't need to know where I am. I might turn on the service for Facebook once in a while if I happen to be somewhere interesting. Sky Guide, by the way is an excellent app that you can use to identify constellations while stargazing. It usese your location to display a proper night sky.

When you're using an App that has Location Services enabled, keep in mind that the effort needed to triangulate your location can be a huge drain on your battery. Turning Location Services off altogether is a good idea if you don't use your phone or tablet for navigation. At the very least, go through your list of apps and ask yourself, does this app need my location? Odds are, the answer is no. If you're using an iPhone, use Location Services conservatively, and don't let it drain your precious battery life.

Do you have any tips for using Location Services or other iOS7 customization? Leave a comment, or send them to me: editor[at]iPad4Life[dot]net.


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