iPad Fitness Update: Changing Habits, Scanning Barcodes, and the Power of Fun

My journey to better fitness through the assistance of iPad Apps is swimming along nicely. I don't yet know how much weight I've lost, but I've gained some lean mass, and my pants are starting to fit loose – both good signs. This fall has seen some changes for my family, and I am starting to stay home with my young daughters (3 and 1) much more often. At first, this meant I was having a hard time keeping up my exercise routine, and especially my goal of working out with FitStar at least four times a week. Then I realized how much fun my girls would have exercising with me.

The younger one loves to watch me jump around, and the trick is to keep her from climbing on me when I'm in the middle of a 30-second plank. The older one likes to jump and kick as well, and I had a proud moment a few weeks ago when she stopped, mid-workout, and went to go play instead because she was getting too tired. It's not every day that I outpace her; it felt like quite an accomplishment.

Using FitStar is More Fun with These Munchkins!

My daughters, seen here watching Elephant Seals molt with great fascination.

MyFitnessPal continues to be a valuable tool. I have real trouble staying under my sugar goal, but the running tally it keeps as I enter my food throughout the day is a good source of accountability. I've been working on developing the habit of entering my food right before I'm going to eat it. This keeps me from missing any entries, and it has also inspired me to eat better. When I see the calories right in front of me, I modify my portions, and even sometimes put calorie-heavy food back in the fridge for another time.

The barcode scanner in MyFitnessPal works great, and even without it I can usually find whatever baked good my lovely wife has prepared from scratch. It has Betty Crocker recipes, popular cooking website data, really just a lot of great sources to find whatever I'm about to eat. And because it's so convenient, I don't feel like I'm wasting time with searches that come up empty.

By using FitStar and MyFitnessPal, I'm developing the habits I'll need to manage my health more wisely and maintain that health once I reach my fitness targets. These targets are a long way off, but I planned them that way; I wanted time for the positive habits to really set in.


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