Haiku Deck: Making Beautiful Presentations With The iPad

Haiku Deck: Beautiful Simplicity Defined

I have a long-standing hatred for presentation software; most of it is garbage. Any given presentation program generally full of needlessly complicated UI’s, way too many confusing options, and photo importing systems that seem random at best. I’m not just talking about PowerPoint here; it seems like most presentation software suffers from explosive options disorder. You might think it strange to read somebody complaining that a piece of software has too many features, but when the sheer amount of effects, overlays, templates, animations and formatting completely overwhelms the user, it’s time for a change. Enter Haiku Deck.

Haiku Deck is fantastic for making presentations because it is simple. However, simple doesn’t mean lacking in features or aesthetics. It means easy to use. Basically, Haiku Deck takes the guesswork out of the visual elements in presentations. You type the words, it intuitively finds background options and sets simple themes. It handles the visuals in a helpful manner and lets the user focus on what matters: the presentation itself.

Haiku Deck Screenshot

Haiku Deck allows you to save some images as “Favorites” if you want to use them often.

Intuitive Backgrounds

Haiku Deck finds background images based on the words you use in your presentation. Many images are public domain and free to use, but there are a few “premium” images that will cost money for the copyright license. And if you don’t like the results from whatever words are on that particular slide, you can always do a custom search right in the app to find the background image that’s just right. A few of the slides in my sample feature frogs even though the words on the slides themselves don’t mention frogs.

The applications for Haiku Deck are numerous. Besides being used for business, educational, and marketing presentations, you can also publish your presentation through Haiku Deck’s site and embed the presentation on your site or blog. I personally plan to use it for helpful how-to’s in future posts, so stay tuned for that.

Haiku Deck combines intuitive search with simple UI and beautiful execution to make quite possibly the world’s most perfect presentation App. I applaud their efforts, and gladly give the App a five-star rating. Now, enjoy this sample presentation I made all about actual Haiku, and let me know if you learn anything new: editor[at]iPad4Life[dot]net.